Parents Evening 

Due to the current regional and national situation, this term’s meetings between staff and parents will take place via telephone phone calls. We will allocate ten minutes for every call and I have asked the staff to take no more than the allocated time.  From Monday there will be a link on the school website and Facebook page where you will be able to book a ten minute time slot with your child’s class teacher.  

The phone call you receive will be from the school number 0191 4552862 or a number with “No Caller ID.” I appreciate that some people will be signing up for times around school pick up time. If you are signing up for a time around this time (between 3-4pm) could you ensure that you are contactable. 

The parental consultations will give you a chance to update us on how your children are settling into school and our new routines, as well as for us to let you know of their successes and the things they are working on so far. I appreciate that typically we look forward to letting you see the children’s books. Unfortunately, this year, this can’t happen. Hopefully, in time, this will be able to happen because it is a joy to be able to see the wonderful work your children produce each day. I call into the classes each day and I am seeing a really interesting curriculum, great attitudes to work and wonderful relationships between staff and pupils.

To book your Parents Evening please click your child’s teachers name.

Mrs S Coyne Year 6             Mr Gregg Year 5               Mrs Hawkins Year 4

Mrs Cooke Year 3                Mrs Eyres Year 2               Miss Williams Year 1

Miss Todd Year Reception                                      Mrs Parker Year Nursery

Thank you for your understanding.

Mrs Butt



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