At Ss Peter and Paul we aim to bring out the best in every child. Regular attendance at school is essential to ensure uninterrupted progress and enable children to achieve their full potential. This helps to establish a positive working ethos early in life. The school ethos aims to assist all pupils to  reach their learning potential and we believe that children are more likely to maximise their
achievement and attainment if they attend regularly. We recognise that by working together parents  and school can improve a pupil’s life chances by ensuring their frequent and punctual attendance.
Good attendance is important because statistics show a direct link between higher achievement and good attendance.

With this in mind we have recently introduced an attendance ladder in school this operates over the academic half term.  This is to celebrate and reward good attendance. Every class has an attendance ladder and every day the children attend school they move up the ladder and at the end of a full weeks attendance the children will receive a star stamp on their attendance card.  We have also introduced the attendance shop where children can trade in their star stamps for prizes, for example

1 star = one prize

2 stars =  2 prizes

3 stars =  3 prizes……. and so on.

For 6 stars the children can opt for the exciting activity afternoon at the end of the half term.

Last term our activity afternoon was the film was Polar Express. Children could wear their pyjamas and were given popcorn and juice. They also received a believe bell to put on their Christmas tree to remember that they had 100% attendance.